Many people grew up playing sports, but only few get to call their favorite sport their career and continue playing it through adulthood. A lot of people think that going to college or, if you played your sport in college, graduating college means that you have to give up playing your favorite sport, but that doesn’t have to be the case! At Wildwood Sports and Entertainment Complex, we will be offering Adult Leagues as they are more popular than ever before, offering both physical and psychological advantages.


Playing sports is an amazing way to stay healthy and keep your heartrate up while having fun! Instead of going to the gym for a run of the mill workout, you can have a great time on the field or court, whatever may float your boat!

Having made a commitment to others will also ensure that you are held accountable. You can’t let your team down and leave them shorthanded when they need you! This is also crucial in times when it seems like work and life are bogging you down and slowing you down. Just a half an hour of exercise a day can help energize you and help you stay fit.

Playing sports will also help with increase your motivation and raise the bar on your performance. When people depend on you, you become more inclined to train harder to perform, similar to group fitness classes!


Not only does it give you the physical benefits, but the social aspect is great for your mental wellbeing. Team sports will keep you in the game and encourage you to get out and have fun. When you are having fun with your team, you aren’t thinking about everything else that you may have going on in your life, giving you a short vacation from your daily life.

Joining teams is also a great way to meet new people!
Whether you are new to the area or just need some fresh faces, adult sports provide a great opportunity to make some new friends or connect with some old friends. Basically, they can provide connections when you need them the most.

How can Wildwood Sports and Entertainment Complex help?

With the opening of the Indoor Dome will come an array of adult leagues from soccer to flag football! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits that sports has to offer, so stay on the lookout for all you need to know about adult leagues and registration!